Ben Fulghum's recording and stage experience span 2 decades with his musical endeavors starting when he was a young boy. Coming from a musical family, he was exposed to the industry initially through his father who was not only an accomplished musician, but also in artist management. Involved with such acts as Murray McLauchlan, this exposure not only gave Ben insight into the music business, but more importantly a true immersion in the creative process present in his home on a daily basis.

Playing professionally since he was 15, he has worked in TV, concert and commercial studio sessions. He is a also a graduate and award winning student of the Berklee school of music in Boston.

Ben's love of improvisational music, as well as his creative vision are well utilized in Trio Blaze. With years of experience in percussion ensembles, jazz, blues, rock, pop, folk and even Klezmer groups, he is able to draw upon several traditions to build uniquely musical and often mesmerizing grooves that have become an integral part of the bands compositions and improvisations.

His multi-instrumental and vocal talents, are highlighted by his virtuosity as both percussionist and drummer for Trio Blaze.

Ben Fulghum Drums, Percussion & Vocals

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